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Channel Your Inner Elements with a Story about Magic, Secrets, and Betrayal

This rendition of a world with elemental magic rooted in family history is a tale that is able to be enjoyed by many. Mirna does make beautiful work of weaving descriptors that will make you feel like you're watching a movie as this tale as old as time of prejudice between thinkers and feelers could lead to civil war, all while nobles attempt to maintain peace.

With the nice bit of family drama woven in and irrevocable betrayal, this start to the trilogy is a terrific debut novel to a world that surely get darker as the series goes on.

Overall rating: 8.2/10

Plot Points: 5.5

Slow build with a solid ending that excites me for round two! One bit of surprise as twists but the base is solid and makes sense. Great start to the trilogy!

Writing Style: .75

The book is written in third person and the chapters are labeled with the character whose perspective it is. Sometimes within the chapters when multiple characters are introduced, I would have to recall who the main perspective was. There were many characters and descriptions, which sometimes made it hard for me to figure out who was who. My faves though were Jade and Raymond. Overall the emotions are portrayed well.

Grammar & Punctuation: .7

Story is written beautifully but admittedly the dialogue threw me off. Once you get the groove though, it got easier with only the occasional, wait a sec.

Emotional Commitment: 1.25

The MCs are solid individuals and the best part is, their realistic. Jade is my favorite for being the most grounded of all the characters introduced. She's so very serene! Asira is uncertain of herself, as most ladies her age tend to be and to be thrust into her position in the story, she handled it well all things considered. Even the two antagonists, Cayron and Nasila, I found myself caring for them when I didn't need to. But a good villain truly MAKES a good story and this is a great start.

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