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Fenty Skin Does Exactly What It's Name Implies

My Fenty Skin kit arrived on August 6th in a simple cardboard box. It was packed in eco-friendly paper to keep it from moving around and truly 'no non-sense' packaging. I was super excited to try the products even though my sensitive skin history was giving me doubts. Rihanna boasted that the products were sensitive skin friendly, so I decided to take a leap of faith.

After first use:

Admittedly it did take more than one wash to truly get all the makeup off and even then I still needed to use a bit of all natural oil to remove the last bit from around my eyelids. However, my face actually felt clean which is more than I can say than from my previous face wash. Once I rid myself of the last bit of makeup around my eyes though, I gave my face one last scrub to prime it for the toner. The FAT Toner glided on smoothly and had a delicate scent, still going in the right direction. Last but no least, I applied the lotion. Now, at first, the scent of the lotion gave me a headache. I don't do any variation of scents on my face. Overall, my first experience was about a 8 out 10.

Fast forward three months:

I use all three of the products regularly, sometimes twice a day. When I tell you that this is by far the absolute BEST skin care regimen I've ever had? I haven't had a new blemish since I started using the product AND I finally feel comfortable walking out of the house with no makeup on (not that that would deter me from using the amazing Fenty Beauty Matte Foundation, because that is also bomb), but this system has given me renewed confidence. Best part? I'm still using the bottles from the original order! I've only had to reorder the wash, but I'm half way through the lotion and the toner, which means that $75 you'll spend on the system will last you about five to six months, which means on average you've only spent $12.50 to $15.00 a month for a face wash, toner, and lotion.

You truly get what you pay for with this system. My skin is incredibly soft and glowing without much effort. Not to mention, my complexion is brighter and accurately matches my neck now too! I'll have to purchase a new shade of foundation to make the new glow but it was worth every penny. I love my skin again thanks to the product. Now if only they could make a body wash and lotion!

Give it a try, you will NOT regret it!

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