Fenty Skin Does Exactly What It's Name Implies

My Fenty Skin kit arrived on August 6th in a simple cardboard box. It was packed in eco-friendly paper to keep it from moving around and truly 'no non-sense' packaging. I was super excited to try the products even though my sensitive skin history was giving me doubts. Rihanna boasted that the products were sensitive skin friendly, so I decided to take a leap of faith.

After first use:

Admittedly it did take more than one wash to truly get all the makeup off and even then I still needed to use a bit of all natural oil to remove the last bit from around my eyelids. However, my face actually felt clean which is more than I can say than from my previous face wash. Once I rid myself of the last bit of makeup around my eyes though, I gave my face one last scrub to prime it for the toner. The FAT Toner glided on smoothly and had a delicate scent, still going in the right direction. Last but no least, I applied the lotion. Now, at first, the scent of the lotion gave me a headache. I don't do any variation of scents on my face. Overall, my first experience was about a 8 out 10.