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My love of words and writing started from the time I read my first comic. Over the years, I’ve gone from reading others peoples words to writing my own, dabbling in both. Explore my work to dive into the fantasies I live every night while I dream.

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The Great Balance

Beyond the Balance One

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An extraordinary woman’s abilities lead an angel of a man to her doorstep…

With the promise of her expansion now funded, he invites her to join him on a mysterious quest… utilizing a secret skill that few know she possesses.


But the devil has other plans.


And fate comes for us all.

Briellyn wanted an angel investor to assist in the expansion of her business. When Eric Windsor makes an offer she can’t refuse, with the opportunity to embrace her darkest secret to aid him in return, the monster that haunts her nightmares blurs into her reality.

While the ill-fated call of her father’s death forces her to overcome painful memories, it also presses everyone around her to confess their own secrets. With humanity and family hanging in the balance, will Briellyn embrace her fate, new powers, alternate history to uncover the deadly mysteries that threaten those she loves most?

Or will the devil’s deception and lies force the savior another darker direction?

✓ Find out why Jo Niederhoff of the San Francisco Book Review described it as "a wild ride. And one that I throughly enjoyed."

✓ Or why Jojo stated it's her "Favourite Online Book to Date!"

This epic power struggle between good and evil is a tale filled with adventure, romance, and mystery. It will keep you on the edge until the end of the journey.

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Balance Interrupted


Beyond the Balance Two

Wedding bells anyone? Brielle is facing new challenges in this part of the tale after Eric has placed another proposal onto the table. Literally. Her mind is still at war with her heart but her faith is officially accepting applications for demons, monsters, and ancient humans as their quest to find the remaining two gems takes them underwater and beyond.

With a few new faces, both despicable and admirable, Brielle has to make a few tough choices as more of her powers origin come to light and someone from her past reappears. Also, Eric's very long history is trying to make it's debut through an old acquaintance, causing friction AND steam between him and Brie. Will humanities fate be questioned because of lovers quarrel, Or can the star-crossed lovers put their feelings aside to finish the epic battle between good and evil to go back in time and save the world? There's only one way to find out.


The Great Balance & Balance Interrupted: Two-Part Special Edition (Beyond the Balance)

Ebook Only

This is a special two part edition that includes The Great Balance and Balance Interrupted, part one and two of the Beyond the Balance Series. It also includes the bonus missing in between chapter.
Remember when everyone in the world thought the earth was flat and if we sailed far enough, we’d fall off? Yesterday, that was apparently the equivalent to my view on humanities beginnings. Not long ago I’m the self-made, critically-acclaimed, most desired clothing designing genius, Briellyn Donado, well according to W magazine. An interview, by the way, I was coerced to do by my best friend Erin. She thinks I’m a boring workaholic who needs to try new things and enjoy the fruits of my labor; which brings me to my current predicament. That predicament being a tall, charming, dark haired man named Eric; the only investor I just couldn’t say no to. Why? He’s had me star struck since the moment I first saw him, which never happens to me! Did I mention he knows my freak-o secret? Now, he’s funded my huge expansion in exchange for my time to help him find some thing. He just told me my true calling and that the world definitely isn’t flat… with an epic origin of good and evil.

This visionary tale of adventure, romance, and mystery, will keep you on the edge until the end of the journey.

The Balance Will Break1

The Balance Will Break


Beyond the Balance Three

This time travel part of the tale takes Briellyn to the 18th century. With new allies that remind her of her own time, it's a race against time to figure out how to kill Barbanon completely on her own.

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The Raptor Queen



Betrayal, lust, deceit, and love encompass this dramatic fantasy adventure romance. Anai tamed the wildest of the jungles creatures, Raptors. As a Daonessa (princess) to a village in the south where dinosaurs were more prominent, she is free-spirited and strong.  She's the perfect age, beautiful and smart, catching the attention of his majesty.  King Nikolaos is handsome,  strategic, and keen, seems like a match made in heaven right?
The King of the North before Nikolaos (his father) killed half of her people and Anai is unforgiving. Betrayal is already in the works but there is much more at stake that is going change Anai forever.