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Indie Authors Guild (IAG)

Illustriously Independent. Amazingly Ambitious. Scribing Geniuses.

The following is a collection of information that I found to be most useful as an indie author. You will also find a community of independent authors listed here who are very personable and willing to help. If you are an indie author who wishes to join the guild, please click the link below and submit your information.

Piles of Books

Members of the IAG

June 2020

This list will most certainly grow with time and I hope that you will pledge to join this fun bunch of authors, following their journies and supporting one another.

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Terrene A. Davenport, Copyright Your Work

Copyright Your Work, Getting Started

April 2020

Quick article on copyrighting your work before publishing (or after, like I did) in order to safe guard yourself from thieves!

Woman Writing

Where can an Indie Author find a good place to ask questions?

June 2020

There is a great resource called Alliance of Independent Authors that has a helpful community of indies available to answer all possible questions you might have, you are not alone! The memberships start at $89/yr but they have other resources on the site that membership isn't required.

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