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WaistSnatchers VS Davenport

June 2, 2020

I originally found this beauty on (for $60, called Snatch Band) thanks to some high profile Instagram page. I needed a new trainer and liked how it looked on this woman on IG. I almost bought it too, when i realized I might be able to find it elsewhere for less. I took the vast Amazon and found this beauty in the pictures. All the available colors, sizing, and appearance are the same (even better, you can choose the color you want). The only different is the logo and the price ($26!). And let me tell you, WELL worth the money. I would've been happy having paid $60 for this high quality trainer, but I'm ECSTATIC having only paid $26 (plus tax). Click the button below to go directly to Amazon to buy this trainer if you're interested, you won't be disappointed!

For reference:

Bought a M, waist size: 31in, hips 44in.

Tips on wearing: If you've never worn a shaper, start by only wearing it for an hour, twice day. For every day following, increase it by 15-30 minutes until you've reach your target wear time. Be sure to drink plenty of water while waist training to ensure you don't don't get backed up.

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