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Beyond the Balance III | The Balance Will Break
  • Beyond the Balance III | The Balance Will Break


    Complications arise in an unknown century when a fireball falls from the sky carrying humanities only hope…


    With little hope, and even less baring, Briellyn has to find a way to fulfill her destiny without the luxuries she's accustomed to... and the realization that coincidences don't really exist.


    Because the devil is a clever bastard.


    And fate has finally caught up.

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    Briellyn left the future with haste and ends up alone. New allies and familiar faces begin to make sense as she navigates her way through a century during which culture as a brown skinned woman makes her a interesting target for many. As many pieces of the puzzle finally come together, the realization may be to painful to bear.


    While the reunion of a familiar face leads to regret, the opportunity to control all emotion intertwines with necessary impulses, that lead to interesting revelations. With those she loves dearly hanging further in the balance than ever before, will Briellyn accept her fate for the greater good?


    Or will the devil’s deception and lies force the savior into more unpredicatable circumstances?

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    ✓ Find out why Book Viral described it as "An addictive page-turner, The Balance Will Break is sure to be applauded by fans of the genre whilst rightly raising high expectations for the next installment."


    ✓ Or why Alexander Whyte stated