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Era Athletica

Upon seeing the ad on Instagram, I saw their cargo athletic leggings and thought, "This is exactly what I've been looking for!" Price was just right and the pants had a purpose. I quickly placed the order for their black pair and anxiously waited for a shipping confirmation (Sept 8). Therein lied my first issue.

When I received a shipment confirmation the next day (Sept 9), I was excited at how quickly they shipped the item out. Within a few hours of the shipment confirmation, I receive a second email stating that my items were in production and they will notify me when its completed and shipped. Talk about conflicting information! I think I may have reconsidered ordering the garment had I known that and thought strongly about cancelling my order, but I was already charged and really wanted these leggings, so I allowed it to proceed.

A week had gone by (Sept 17) and I didn't receive any additional emails letting me know the status of said production, but the tracking number showed an update... from China. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a huge issue with items from China as long as I'm told it's shipping from over there. I love supporting US based businesses, more so now because of all the issues and jobs lost. But at this point I felt deceived.

I kept checking the status updates via the tracking number because I still hadn't received any updates from the company regarding production completion. A few more days had passed and I started to lose hope. FINALLY, delivery day had arrived (Sept 24), over two weeks from the time I'd placed the order. I open the bag, excited that this was finally here after a long wait. When I pull them out, the fabric looks more dark grey than black. I huffed, hoping it was just the glare on the type of fabric. I compared it to similar fabrics and it still had a slightly grey hue. Now somewhat disappointed because I had my heart set on black, I proceed to try the pants on in hopes it would make my already sour outlook change for the better.

The fabric is very soft and forgiving, perfect stretch!! With my spirits lifted, I quickly run to the nearest mirror to see how they look. Hey, I remember these differently on the model, but they make my but look nice. I ran back to my computer and looked up the original pants I ordered, the pockets I have are smaller than the model display and the butt scrunch that was on the original wasn't there. Perhaps it's perception, camera angle, maybe this model was tiny in real life. Whatever. But it did make me realize the pants weren't true black in the picture, so I felt better about that part.

Would I buy them again?? Perhaps if I got a discount, now that I know what to expect. But I will look into stateside companies first. They are GOOD quality leggings though, just everything leading up to receipt was disappointing.

Happy shopping!


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