Alone at Last - Enola Holmes Review (Contains Spoilers)

Harry Bradbeer. (2020) Enola Holmes Poster.

This fresh take on Sherlock Holmes begins with a similar touch from the younger sisters perspective. Enola, alone spelled backwards, is an ambitious and yet naïve young woman who is off to find her mother who suddenly disappears the morning of her sixteenth birthday. This disappearance summons her brothers home, which despite her excitement, seems to be quite the issue.

Her eldest brother, Mycroft, finds her to be borderline repulsive and untamed as he refers to her as a wildling throughout the entire movie. Her seemingly 'favorite' brother, Sherlock, is on her side but also minds his manners in respect to his older siblings namesake. This leads the young Enola to runaway and find her mother, before Mycroft finds her.

The journey she takes is an entertaining one, with Enola showing off the skills her mother had taught her, and even makes a useless boy friend along the way. The chemistry between them is comical and sweet, progressing nicely throughout the film. Another budding relationship is that between Sherlock and Enola, to which we are clued in early that prior to her mother's disappearance, the two had been estranged.

The girl power in the film is loud, and tactful, compared to othe