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Book Review Grading Criteria

I love reading, reading is the BEST way to escape the craziness of today's society. I enjoy the way they make you feel, laugh, cry, goosh, and all that's in between. I love that they allow you to pretend to be someone else or watch another person's life unfold (yeah, they are fictional people but still people, lol).

So before you go on to read my book reviews or perhaps dare to request one, this is my grading criteria on how I rate something I've read.

First and foremost, I always round up for the stars. I don't feel like five stars is really enough to say whether something is great, but broken down like this it really sums up my rating scale.

I will always note the ones that I couldn't put down, which more than likely will end up being a five star book.

Four star reviews can be tricky with me. I'm incredibly meticulous with how I am with rating because sometimes bias plays a role in how someone will rate a book. I'm always willing to step out of my comfort zone and try a new genre or new author, but it doesn't mean I'd ever read that book again. I try to stick to the genres that fascinate me, but there's always something that will catch my eye and I'll give it a try. There are books I'd never read again or wouldn't recommend unless they like that genre. I do try to stay away from certain genres all together but they all sound the same and would rather not allow my bias against that type of reading affect the author's rating. Admittedly, I've had a few ones that were pleasant surprises, but not many.

Anyway, I do enjoy reading a lot of genres. If you're uncertain if I'd enjoy your book, please feel free to send me an email with a sample chapter. If I like the chapter, I'll request the link for purchase! If not, I'll kindly decline.

Happy reading!

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