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Love shows no mercy on the heart when torn between the future of family and destiny of humanity...


With a broad awareness that she is the center of an ancient prophecy, Briellyn must overcome her biggest fears and preconceived notions of what evil actually means… embracing all that she is in order to unleash the unique power necessary to find the remaining seraphic gems before it’s too late to keep her family safe.


But the devil will give you doubts.


And fate will always find you.

•                   •                    •                    •


Briellyn now realizes just how extraordinary she is after finding the Aquari, the first of four seraphic gems. This revelation exposes multiple instances in which her gifts were known to more than those around her. Now torn between a past riddled with devilish tampering and a future with little security for the family she has left, Briellyn must not only have faith in Eric, the attractive, angelic stranger, and, Justin, her charming, perceptive best friend, but an entire team of supernaturals and doctors all with the same goal in mind; finding the gems in time to save humanity.


While strong emotions continue to surround her situation with Justin, Eric has increasingly clouded Briellyn's judgment, leading to an unintentional love triangle between the three. The 'Windsor Effect' draws her in further all while demons strive to remove Justin from the equation entirely. With doubts circling her mind and a lot of unknowns, will she embrace Eric enough to trust him with the power said to be gained from the gems?


Or could the devil's deception be disguised in a handsome, angelic package that will actually destroy the world?


•                   •                    •                    •


✓ Find out why Book Viral described it as "paranormal romance at it's best!"

✓ Or why Pearline stated "this was [a] very entertaining book that I couldn't put down."


The saga continues to be an epic power struggle between good and evil, filled with adventure, romance, and mystery.

Beyond the Balance II | Embracing the Balance Special Edition

  • Book weighs approximately 12 oz, 8.5 x 5.5 x 2

    This item is the non-dust cover version.

    Inner cover has special paper. Comes with pearl metallic edges. 

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