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About Me

As a central Jersey native, I always wanted to tell stories, act and model, then one day have a family. While genuinely a lover of fantasy and comics at heart, I knew one day I would be able to combine my love of these things and showcase them to those of you who were curious. 

Without a mother figure in my life to show me how to be 'girlie', I find myself experimenting with different beauty products, putting together mother-daughter fashions, navigating my 10+ year marriage to a sailor, remaining cancer free while getting my sexy on (fitness & food) and writing fantasy driven stories packed with adventure, romance, and tons of twists. 

Please feel free to pick your topic of interest: 

Inside Fashion, you'll find my fashion finds for less with honest reviews, fitness and health tips that I use, and beauty products I either loathe or love! 

Inside Family, you'll find my married life romance, tackling my pitfalls post Thyroid cancer diagnosis, my adventure in motherhood being a mommy to two beautiful biracial kids and how I juggle a career, writing, and being there for every wonderful moment.

Inside Fiction, which you'll find below, you'll find my work, the Indie Author's Guild and my tips on being an Indie in the 21st century.

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Terrene A. Davenport with Husband
Terrene A. Davenport
Terrene A. Davenport and her children
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