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The star-crossed lovers draw more attention as the war between good and evil creeps closer to their doorstep...


With half the gems still waiting to be found, the darkest secrets of our heroes pasts threatens their journey forward… just as the traitor in their midst makes a surprising revelation.


But the devil has an evil plan for us all.


And fate requires trust from you.

•                   •                    •                    •

Briellyn faces new challenges in this part of the tale after Eric makes another proposal. Literally. Though her mind is still at war with her heart, her faith has come to accept the reality of demons, monsters, and immortals as her quest to find the remaining seraphic gems takes them far beyond underwater excursions. But when Eric's past begins to surface, and her inescapable curiosity is further enticed, the truth of her greatest fears threatens everything she holds dear.


While the timing of new admirable and despicable faces place tough choices within her path and forces new powers to emerge, someone from Briellyn's past reappears. And with Eric's exceptionally long history, it was only a matter of time before unfavorable secrets unravel due to an old acquaintance. Will humanities fate be questioned because of the devils deception?


Or can the star-crossed lovers remain focused to finish the epic battle between worlds by going back in time to save it?

•                   •                    •                    •

✓ Find out why Book Viral described it as "paranormal romance at its best!"


✓ Or why Pearline stated "this was [a] very entertaining book that I couldn't put down."


Even within this second part of the series, it continues to be an epic power struggle between good and evil that's filled with adventure, romance, and mystery.

Beyond the Balance III | Balance Interrupted

  • Book weighs approximately 29 oz, 8.5 x 5.5 x 2.75

    This is a hardcover. Approximately 163,000 words, 556 pages.

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