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Love shows no mercy on the heart when torn between the future of family and destiny of humanity...


Blessed with a secret skill and burdened by the weight of an ancient prophecy, Briellyn must confront her deepest fears and redefine her understanding of good and evil. As she discovers the Aquari, the first of the seraphic gems, she begins to unravel the mysteries surrounding her extraordinary abilities and the role she plays in the fate of humanity.


But the devil will give you doubts.


And fate will always find you.

•                   •                    •                    •


Caught between the enigmatic Eric, the alluring Justin, and a looming threat of demonic interference, Briellyn finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions and alliances. As she navigates the treacherous waters of love and loyalty, she must rely on her inner strength and the support of her supernatural allies to safeguard her family and unlock the power hidden within the remaining gems. With each decision shaping the course of her destiny, Briellyn must choose wisely whom to trust and how to wield the formidable power at her disposal.

As the 'Windsor Effect' pulls her deeper into a world of uncertainty and peril, Briellyn's journey becomes a test of faith, courage, and resilience. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, Briellyn's choices will determine not only her own future but the destiny of all who depend on her for salvation. Will she embrace the potential within herself and the bonds she forms with Eric and Justin, or will the shadows of doubt and deception cloud her path to salvation?


Or could the devil's deception be disguised in a handsome, angelic package that will actually destroy the world?


•                   •                    •                    •


✓ Find out why Book Viral described it as "paranormal romance at it's best!"

✓ Or why Pearline stated "this was [a] very entertaining book that I couldn't put down."


The saga continues to be an epic power struggle between good and evil, filled with adventure, romance, and mystery.

Beyond the Balance II | Embracing The Balance

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