Beyond the Balance Two | Balance Interrupted
  • Beyond the Balance Two | Balance Interrupted


    Wedding bells anyone? Brielle is facing new challenges in this part of the tale after Eric has placed another proposal onto the table. Literally. Her mind is still at war with her heart but her faith is officially accepting applications for demons, monsters, and ancient humans as their quest to find the remaining two gems takes them underwater and beyond.

    With a few new faces, both despicable and admirable, Brielle has to make a few tough choices as more of her powers origin come to light and someone from her past reappears. Also, Eric's very long history is trying to make it's debut through an old acquaintance, causing friction AND steam between him and Brie. Will humanities fate be questioned because of lovers quarrel, Or can the star-crossed lovers put their feelings aside to finish the epic battle between good and evil to go back in time and save the world? There's only one way to find out.


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