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Having a Drink with Beth & Crosby

Friday morning I sat down to sift through emails and strategize. It was the introduction to nice long weekend, when I put my day job sweater in the closet and bust out the personal branding heels that I enjoy strutting in. Game face is definitely reserved for these types of weekends as much as my mind being in full creative mode. What's better than reading through countless books and articles about marketing strategies?? Listening to the podcast of women who are just like me, mothers juggling it all. I know it can be overwhelming trying to gobble up the information of the world that is meant to better you and sometimes it's nice to know that successful people in their fields are REAL, tangible people, and that's what Beth Nydick offers in her first podcast. So I poured my glass of Orange Juice and proceeded to listen.

We all have a certain grind that we can never turn off, but we do pause it to take care of our families and help our children with homework. It can even be overwhelming sometimes. That's where Beth's 'barstool' theory truly comes in handy. You see a more behind the scenes look at these entreprenueral powerhouses that are just like those of us still working our way up that ladder, with my badass six-inch branding heels.

The interview between Beth and Crosby brought me back to the days that make me smile when I'm not hyper focused on attaining my goals, when I was still that young girl who had hopes and dreams and aspirations of just fitting in with girls at school. And my goodness, even how I used to dress versus how I dress now. It was so enlightening to remember how far I've come and that someone who has made it, is just like me. And perhaps one of the biggest eye openers was Crosby's realness about how, and what, her clients were attracted to about her. That it was ultimately her and her personality that kept people wanting more, further solidifying that it's okay to be you because that will attract people who genuinely want to work with you.

Cheers to Beth for a refreshing first episode and I can't wait to hear more!

You can listen to the podcast yourself on her website,

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