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Stories by Terrene A. Davenport

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My love of words and writing started almost from the time I first began to read. Over the years, I’ve gone from reading others peoples words to writing my own. Please look through my updated Author Portfolio to discover more about my work.


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The Great Balance

Beyond the Balance One

Remember when everyone in the world thought the earth was flat and if we sailed far enough, we’d fall off? Yesterday, that was apparently the equivalent to my view on humanities beginnings. Not long ago I’m the self-made, critically-acclaimed, most desired clothing designing genius, Briellyn Donado, well according to W magazine. An interview, by the way, I was coerced to do by my best friend Erin. She thinks I’m a boring workaholic who needs to try new things and enjoy the fruits of my labor; which brings me to my current predicament. That predicament being a tall, charming, dark haired man named Eric; the only investor I just couldn’t say no to. Why? He’s had me star struck since the moment I first saw him, which never happens mind you. Did I mention he knows my freak-o secret? Now, he’s funded my huge expansion in exchange for my time to help him find some thing. He just told me my true calling and that the world definitely isn’t flat… with an epic origin of good and evil.

This visionary tale of adventure, romance, and mystery, will keep you on the edge until the end of the journey.

Book Cover - The Great Balance
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