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The Raptor Queen
  • The Raptor Queen

    SKU: RPTRQN001


    Betrayal, lust, deceit, and love encompass this dramatic fantasy adventure romance. Anai tamed the wildest of the jungles creatures, Raptors. As a Daonessa (princess) to a village in the south where dinosaurs were more prominent, she is free-spirited and strong.  She's the perfect age, beautiful and smart, catching the attention of his majesty.  King Nikolaos is handsome,  strategic, and keen, seems like a match made in heaven right?


    The King of the North before Nikolaos (his father) killed half of her people and Anai is unforgiving. Betrayal is already in the works but there is much more at stake that is going change Anai forever.


      Please visit Inkitt or Wattpad to read this work in progress. You may have to create a free account, but the story is free to read and share!

    Release date June 28, 2023